Welcome to Allergy Season: What You Need to Know

Spring in North America means blooming flowers and warmer weather, but for millions of people, it also marks the start of allergy season. If you find yourself sneezing, dealing with itchy eyes, or suffering from a runny nose, you're not alone.

Allergy season typically begins in late winter or early spring when trees like birch, cedar, oak, and maple start releasing pollen. As the season progresses, grasses and weeds join the mix, spreading even more pollen into the air. This increase in airborne allergens can lead to a variety of symptoms for those with sensitivities.

Besides pollen, other triggers like mold spores and dust mites can also worsen allergies. Seasonal changes, such as humidity and wind, can spread allergens over a larger area, affecting more people.

Here's what you can do to cope with allergy season:

1. Monitor Pollen Counts
Keep track of daily pollen counts in your area using weather apps or local news sources. Try to stay indoors when pollen levels are high, especially in the morning when they're typically at their peak.

2. Use Air Filters
Invest in quality air filters, including for your furnace. These filters can trap allergens, reducing the amount of pollen and dust in your living space.

3. Keep Windows Closed
While fresh air is appealing, it's best to keep windows closed during allergy season to prevent pollen from entering your home. Use air conditioning to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

4. Shower After Being Outdoors
Pollen can stick to your clothes, skin, and hair. Taking a shower and changing your clothes after spending time outside can help minimize exposure to allergens.

5. Take Allergy Medication
If needed, over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants can help relieve mild allergy symptoms. For more severe cases, consult a healthcare provider for prescription medications or allergy shots. 

By following these tips, you'll be able to navigate allergy season with greater ease, letting you truly appreciate the beauty of springtime. Say goodbye to sneezing fits and watery eyes, and say hello to blooming flowers and sunshine!

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